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Bowflex vs Peloton: What’s the Better Fitness Choice for You?

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The entire fitness industry is booming right now. With the convenience of having connected workout experiences from the comfort of their own homes, there has never been a better time to invest in home workout equipment.

Peloton is surging at the moment with company sales up 66% in 2020 from 2019 [1]. Bowflex is and has been one of the leading brands in the home fitness space. Now that Bowflex has come out with its own direct competitor to Peloton’s best selling indoor cycling bike, things are only getting more heated in the competitive space. In 2019, Bowflex unveiled its very first Bowflex indoor cycling bike at half the price of a Peloton bike [2].

This may be leaving you in a quandary.

We know how difficult it can be to choose between two very quality brands. Throughout this article, we will be going over some information you should know about Bowflex and Peloton to help you come to a well-informed purchasing decision.

Peloton vs Bowflex: Equipment and Workout Options

Bowflex Equipment

bowflex equipment

1. C6 Bike

The Bowflex Bike is a relatively new offering from Bowflex meant to usher the brand into the new and exciting connected space. The bike was designed with Bowflex’s usual innovation and commitment to high-quality and it was introduced to offer a cheaper alternative to the Peloton bike. It utilizes some impressive technology with it featuring magnetic resistance with 100 micro-adjustable levels, a built-in LCD console, and more.

However, Bowflex went a step further and made the bike compatible with some of the leading fitness apps including Peloton’s very own app. It is also compatible with the Zwift app and the Explore the World app.

2. Max Trainer

The Max Trainer is one of Bowflex’s most impressive feats of engineering. The trainer is capable of offering a low impact total body workout for anyone who uses it. It allows you to perform fast-paced and high energy workouts in very little time. The trainer comes with pre-programmed workouts for the ease of use you would expect from Bowflex equipment.

What’s more impressive, it offers so much in such a compact package. In fact, the machine’s dimensions sit at (4’ x 2.5’).

3. Home Gyms

This is perhaps what Bowflex is most well-known for. Bowflex creates some of the more impressive home gyms on the marketplace. In fact, a single home gym from Bowflex can offer as many as 100 unique exercises which should satisfy anyone no matter your fitness goals.

These gyms utilize advanced resistance technology that doesn’t rely on gravity which forces users to engage all of their muscles without cheating during workouts [3].

4. Treadmills

Bowflex offers its own treadmill that is extremely feature-rich. In fact, it offers arguably more than some of the leading competitors. With Bowflex’s very own Bowflex JRNY app, you will be able to get custom guided runs, personalized feedback, and connected experiences to immerse you into your running sessions due to its compatibility with the Explore the World app. The treadmill is powerful enough with a 4.0 CHP motor and it features a backlit LCD display with 11 total workout programs. It’s capable of maxing out at 12 MPH and offers a 15% motorized incline.

5. TreadClimber

Bowflex is always known for creating some of the more innovative products you will find anywhere and the TreadClimber is no different. Bowflex’s TreadClimber combines 3 workouts into 1. It allows people to burn calories at a much faster rate because it combines the motions of a treadmill, a stepper, and an elliptical for a low impact but high-cardio workout.

6. Select Tech

This is one of Bowflex’s largest growing segments. The Select Tech series is highly sought after because it offers consumers the ability to get a range of weights whether it be dumbbells, kettle-bells, or barbells in a single adjustable product. This can help with space reduction and increase the efficiency of workouts.

Peloton Equipment

Peloton highlights

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1. Bike / Bike+

Peloton’s bike is what really propelled the company to become a fitness heavyweight. The bike really changed the game when it comes to providing a complete at-home workout experience. Combined with Peloton’s revolutionary app featuring both live and on-demand classes, it’s an impressive experience. However, the bike itself features excellent design and innovation, and they now even offer a plus model, which features a rotating screen to help take your workouts to another level.

2. Treadmill / Tread+

Peloton also offers its very own connected treadmill. The treadmill features a lot of what you will find in the Peloton Bike including an integrated immersive touchscreen, an impressive 20W soundbar, Bluetooth connectivity, a built-in camera, and excellent performance and build quality. The treadmill is capable of reaching 12.5 MPH and it offers a 15% maximum incline.

Bowflex C6 vs Peloton Bike

Bowflex C6 Highlights

  • Resistance

The Bowflex C6 features magnetic resistance with over 100 micro-adjustable levels.

  • Design

The bike features dual-link pedals with toe cages, built-in dumbbells, and a back-lit LCD metric console.

  • Warranty

This bike comes with a 10-year warranty on the frame, 3 years on mechanical parts and electronics, and 1 year on labor.

Learn more about the Bowflex Bike at their website.

Peloton Bike Highlights

  • Resistance

The Peloton bike offers 100 levels of adjustable resistance with a near-silent belt drive.

  • Design

The Peloton Bike features a fully adjustable seat, handlebars, and screen. That way, you can find yourself in an ergonomic riding position. It comes with a fully integrated 22-inch screen for immersive experiences.

  • Warranty

Peloton offers a 5-year warranty on the frame and a 1-year warranty on the electronics and labor.

Which is Better?

As you can see, the two bikes stack up very similarly. That said, in terms of overall quality we’d say Peloton gets the edge. That said, Bowflex did manage to create a bike that retails at half the price as per their intentions. The biggest thing you will be giving up if you decided to go with the Bowflex for the massive cost savings is a built-in screen.

However, because the Bowflex offers Peloton App compatibility, you can use your own tablet, phone, or even TV to get the same kind of immersive experience if you wanted.

Also, the Bowflex VeloCore comes with a built-in screen and also works with the Peloton app.

Workout Apps Comparison

Peloton App

Peloton is the current leader in both live and on-demand fitness streaming. After all, in April 2020, they reported that they had their largest class ever of a whopping 23,000 people streaming it from their home [1]. Their app is popular for a reason. It is considered the gold standard for fitness streaming apps.

Bowflex JRNY App

Bowflex JRNY App is designed to be used exclusively for both the Max Trainer and the Bowflex Treadmills. The app is rather impressive with the ability to create a personalized workout plan. It also offers trained-led workout videos, real-world maps that adjust to your speed, a virtual coach, and it even helps you celebrate small and large milestones and achievements.

Which is Better?

As you can see, the Peloton app is the gold-standard, but the JRNY app isn’t far behind. However, Bowflex recognizes how good Peloton’s app is and they made their budget-friendly Peloton alternative compatible with the app along with other apps. Therefore, there is no significant app gap when it comes to comparing the Peloton Bike with the Bowflex C6 Bike as you are getting nearly the same experience.

Pricing Comparison: Which is Cheaper?

1. Bike

  • Peloton: Starts around $1895
  • Bowflex: Starts around $999

2. Treadmill

  • Peloton: Starts around $2,495
  • Bowflex: Starts around $1,599.00

The cheaper option? Bowflex is much cheaper – check their current prices here.

Summary: Will Peloton or Bowflex Work Best for You?

At the end of the day, it comes down to finding what option works best for you and your budget. If you are strictly looking at buying a fitness bike, you have to decide whether or not the 22-inch display is worth paying nearly double for the bike. Because the Bowflex C6 features Peloton App compatibility, you are going to be able to get just about the same experience for significant cost savings.

If you are looking to get into a complete Eco-system full of workout equipment, you will have a much more difficult decision on your hands. As of now, Peloton’s range is rather limited compared to Bowflex. Because of this, you are betting on Peloton adding to their line-up of fitness equipment. However, they do offer a premium treadmill that is undeniably the best experience in the marketplace. However, you have to shell out over $4,295 for it. Bowflex offers a much more comprehensive range of workout equipment with innovative technology built-in. Therefore, you can build out an impressive home gym with just the Bowflex brand alone.

Because of this, the Peloton brand is a good option for those who can afford to pay a premium and for those who want an ecosystem full of live and on-demand workouts. However, for those who want a much more affordable experience and an entire Eco-system of innovative workout equipment with a very good connected fitness app, the Bowflex brand offers exactly that.

You should get a Peloton if…

  • You demand the most premium experiences
  • You are willing to pay more for the brand name

You should get a Bowflex if…

  • You want the same experience for half the price
  • You have a tablet, smartphone, or TV to use for your workouts
  • You want an entire Eco-system of innovative home fitness products
  • You want a better warranty for greater peace of mind


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