assualt airbike vs rogue echo

Assault AirBike vs Rogue Echo: Who Wins Head-to-Head?

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Are you having a hard time deciding between the Rogue Echo or Assualt Air bike? This is not surprising, given that both bikes can deliver a high-intensity workout and both are incredibly popular in the CrossFit community. Another factor that might complicate your decision could be the pricing. Compared to other quality models on the market, the Rogue Echo as well as the Assault Air bike is considered budget-friendly.

So, why choose one or the other?

This Rogue Echo vs Assault Air bike comparison should help to make a confident decision. It will cover all the necessary details you need to know before you put down any money.

Although, it has to said that there is no “wrong” or “right”. As mentioned, both models have the ability to compete with the best of them. This means you should approach this comparison with your specific training needs in mind.

Only you can tell whether either of these bikes can give you what you need during training. And hopefully, we can give you the additional perspective you require.

Features and Specs Comparison: What Rogue and Assault Bring to the Table

Rogue Echo Overview

an overview of the Rogue Echo Bike

One of the first things you will notice about the Rogue Echo model is the bulky design. And the purpose of this design is mainly for stability. CrossFit athletes that move between exercises know exactly how important bike stability can be in order to maintain focus and concentration. More importantly, you can give it your all and it will still feel as if the bike is mounted to the floor. But what about portability if the bike is so heavy? Luckily, the bike has two wheels at the front for this specific purpose.

The Rogue Echo is designed with a durable belt-drive system, which naturally gives it an edge over the Assault Air model. A belt drivetrain is better for several reasons. For example, they run with less noise. Nor do they require any type of maintenance such as lubing or making adjustments. And what about the fact that there are no energy leaks like with a chain drivetrain? Even the fan blades that are welded to a central hub will not require repairs or maintenance down the line.

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In other words, all you have to do is get on and enjoy the ride.

To keep track of your workout session, you get an LCD console with a variety of modes to choose from. And to finish things off, the handles can move if you are determined to get full-body conditioning while the seat can easily be adjusted for comfort.

Stand-Out Features

  • Quality reinforced steel construction to ensure stability and balance during the most intense workout
  • A belt drivetrain that runs without noise and does not require any maintenance
  • The bulky and stable design even during the most intense sessions
  • Moving handles for a full-body workout
  • LCD console with different mode options
  • Easy to assemble and portable
  • Sleek design


  • Weight – 127 pounds
  • Height – 52.75”
  • Length – 58-⅞”
  • Width – 29-⅞”
  • Footprint – 44.5” x 23.75”

Learn more at the Rogue website:

Assault Air Bike Overview

an overview of the assault air bike

Also constructed with quality components and a very sturdy frame, the Assault Air bike is perfect for beginners as well as experienced athletes. In fact, this is a model that is very popular in the US army. With a fan wheel that measures 25″, it is able to adjust to any resistance level you feel up to. Just like the Rogue Echo model, you have the liberty of getting a full-body workout due to the moving handles. Or you can just work out your arms when your legs are tired.

The seat is fully adjustable without the need for any special tools while an LCD console provides tracking and exercise modes. In terms of the drivetrain, you are looking at a chain system. This might be a deal-breaker for some given that belt drivetrains are somewhat superior. However, the overall quality construction and design ensure you get thousands of hours of training without any problems. And it runs with very little noise compared to other chain drivetrain designs.

Stand-Out Features

  • Big fan wheel with 6 blades and more than enough resistance options
  • Adjustable and comfortable seat that does not require any special tools
  • Moving armbars to incorporate a full-body workout
  • Quality construction and portable
  • LCD console
  • Very alluring price range


  • Weight – 98.1 pounds
  • Height – 48.4″
  • Length – 50.9″
  • Width – 23.3″

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Biggest Differences Between The Echo And Assault Air Bike

Now that you have a better idea of what these bikes offer, it is time to point out the main differences. And there are two differences that really stand out. The first has to be the size and weight. Compared to the Assault Air model, the Rogue Echo is heavier, bigger, and ultimately more stable. The second big difference is the drivetrain system. Where the Assault Air bike depends on an old-school chain system, the Rogue Echo utilizes a self-tensioning belt drivetrain. In other words, the latter will provide a consistent and smooth ride with less noise and no maintenance. Yes, the Assault Air bike is definitely noisier and it might be a problem if you need to have a quiet workout. The last thing you want is to wake or disturb others in the house every time you train.

Another difference worth mentioning is that the Assault Air bike is better suited for smaller riders that want to get going without struggling. As for the Rogue Echo bike, it takes a bit of work to get going, making it perfect for average to bigger athletes in search of HIIT results. Plus, it can handle the weight of bigger riders better.

Price Compare: Which Bike Is Cheaper?

In general, the Assault Air Bike is cheaper with an average price of $695. But if you search deep enough, there is no reason why you cannot get a very good price on the Rogue Echo bike, which usually retails for $795. As you can see, the difference in pricing will vary with one or two hundred dollars depending on where you get the best deal. More importantly, the price difference is so small it should not really be a dictating factor.

Summary: Picking The Right Bike For You

By now it should become very clear which bike is better suited for your training needs. But let’s recap on some of the most critical aspects and get some perspective.

Buy Rogue Echo if…

You are not going to get a model more stable and capable than the Rogue Echo bike, especially when you consider the price tag. Add to this the quiet belt drivetrain that never requires maintenance and you are looking at a winning combination. Ultimately, this is the perfect air bike if high-intensity training is your main focus. The best part is the affordability factor.

But Assault Air if…

Take nothing away from this lighter model because it deserves to be at the top with the rest of them. Like the Rogue Echo, the design and construction is pure quality, and you can adjust the bike to accommodate the smallest athlete. However, the chain drivetrain does require some maintenance if you want it to function efficiently in the long run. And there is the noise factor, which some athletes do not appreciate.

While both models can help you break a sweat very quickly, we have to side with the Rogue Echo model for this particular comparison. This decision is based mainly on the beefier frame, the belt drivetrain, and the affordable price tag. But what do you think?

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