assault airrunner vs rogue trueform

Assault AirRunner vs Rogue TrueForm

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The world of treadmills continues to expand but the conventional non-motorized design is still enticing. This high-powered, easy-going solution is perfect for those who want something to push them while getting more out of each session.

When it comes to quality non-motorized treadmills, two machines stand out – the Assault AirRunner and Rogue TrueForm.

Here is a look at what each one has to offer and how well they do when compared.

Features and Spec Comparison: Is the AirRunner or TrueForm More Complete?

1. Rogue TrueForm Highlights

trueform runner

  • LED Screen

Working out on this treadmill means engaging with a beautiful LED screen that’s easy on the eyes, simple to use, and effective when customizing the workout session. The attention to detail is impressive and it’s something you will enjoy every step of the way.

The screen works well in different lighting and is going to provide a unique set of options.

  • Molded Thermoplastic Elastomer Tread

The comprehensive nature of this treadmill and all that it has to offer is seen through the tread. It offers an all-encompassing molded thermoplastic elastomer tread that’s easy on the feet, efficient, and safe for those wanting more control.

The Rogue TrueForm has been designed with performance in mind and the tread adds to your workout experience as soon as it’s put to use.

  • Space-Efficient Design

The dimensions come in at 64” L, 31” W, 63” H.

This makes it a perfect option for those who are dealing with limited space in their home gym. This is going to take no more than a few minutes to set up and it will continue to perform in different scenarios.

The space-efficient design is ideal for those wanting a complete solution.

2. Assault AirRunner Highlights

assault airrunner overview

  • 17.1″ Running Surface

The running surface is excellent and provides enough space to kick things into high gear. With a running surface of 17.1″, there’s enough room to move around and get in a good stride while powering through a HIIT session.

This attention to detail is enticing and is one of the more unique features associated with the Assault AirRunner.

  • Digital Console with HIIT Programs

The gorgeous digital console is easy on the eyes and provides access to a multitude of workout programs. Take the time to set the program before working out and enjoy a challenging workout in a matter of minutes. The Assault AirRunner provides the ability to work through different HIIT programs.

  • Compact Design

The dimensions come in at 69.9″ (L) x 32.8″ (W) x 64″ (H).

This makes it a perfect addition to any home gym without getting in the way. Set this up in the corner of the room and know it’s going to work well without making too much noise or taking up too much space. The simplicity and general quality are what will win you over.

The Assault AirRunner is a power-packed non-motorized treadmill with all the perks necessary to see consistent results.

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Quality Comparison: Does One Have an Edge?

Assault AirRunner Quality Overview

  • Steel Finish

It starts with the steel finish as that is going to catch your attention right away. The steel finish is a major plus for those who want a sturdy, high-grade treadmill that isn’t going to break down as soon as they put it to use.

This finish is seen in all facets of the machine making it a robust solution that works well in different conditions.

  • Corrosion-Resistant Hardware

Corrosion is a serious concern when it comes to new-age machines but that is not the case here. The Assault AirRunner is perfect when it comes to aging gracefully and continuing to handle regular usage without breaking down.

Whether it is the model or the general handle, everything about the hardware is picture-perfect.

2. Rogue TrueForm Quality Overview

  • 112 Sealed Steel Bearings

The bearings are a good starting point as they hold the entire weight of the treadmill. In this case, the response of the treadmill is impressive and it stands out for those who are going to be pushing the machine to its limits.

The 112 sealed steel bearings are ideal for those who want to go through rigorous HIIT programs.

  • Light Texture Black Powder-Coat Finish

The powder-coat finish is ideal when it comes to an aesthetically pleasing treadmill that’s perfect for consistent durability. It’s easy on the eyes, efficient, and a good fit for those who are serious about getting an easy-going solution for their setup.

The light texture black powder-coat finish makes it easier to use the machine without putting undue stress on its key components.

Price Comparison: Is the AirRunner or TrueForm Cheaper?

When comparing the prices, it’s clear both are in the same ballpark with regards to affordability. The companies have done a wonderful job to craft something effective, robust, and cost-efficient at the same time.

It’s this balanced approach to designing a high-value treadmill is what makes these the best in the industry right now.

If the goal is to buy a non-motorized treadmill, it’s best to start with one of these machines. They are both affordable and offer good value for your money.

Benefits of Using an “Air” Treadmill

1. Increased Physical Exertion

The reason most people enjoy using an air treadmill has to do with the increased physical exertion. This is good since the main purpose of a treadmill is to get the body moving and pushing as hard as possible. Since there is no automation in how the machine is going to work, it allows users an opportunity to control how much they are getting out of the treadmill.

This is perfect for those who are going to be pushing hard and want to power through high-quality HIIT sessions at home.

2. Saves Electricity

Don’t want to spend a lot of money on electricity?

Those who are trying to be frugal while getting in a good workout will enjoy this type of treadmill. It doesn’t cost as much every month since you are not going to be using electricity to power it.

This is ideal for those who are on a tight budget and want to work out with intensity.

3. Safer

Safety is always going to be important and that is what an air treadmill brings to your life. Since you are going to be putting in the effort, you can stop the treadmill whenever you want to. There is no reliance on a built-in motor to stop when a button is pressed.

4. Affordable

A lot of money is saved when it is time to buy a new air treadmill.

Unlike other treadmills, a lot of money is saved by investing in one of these for your home gym. A comparable machine is going to see a major increase in price when a large motor is involved.

This is why anyone on a budget should be looking at this as an option.

Summary: Picking the Right Air Runner for You

In the end, both the Assault AirRunner and Rogue TrueForm are high-value exercise machines that offer a little bit of everything. They are durable, well-rounded, and perform based on your expectations.

Whether you are a beginner that’s looking to get started with a non-motorized treadmill or someone that is looking to gain an edge in performance, these machines pack a punch. You are not going to go wrong with either option and that is what makes them enticing purchases.

When compared to each other, both are great options and you are going to see tremendous results regardless of what you invest in.

Pick the one that is best suited to your needs and end up with a machine that is going to last for a long time while performing consistently.

That said, if I had to choose the best one to go with, the TruRunner would get the edge. Learn more below:

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